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17 May 2006 @ 11:17 pm


I grew up on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. A child of summer and sea foam, my earliest memories involve that exhilarating scent of salty sea breezes (exhilarating because it means liberation), the warmth of sun-drenched sand, and above all else, the soothing lullaby of the waves. There is something to be said about the ocean, which is constant because it is always changing. I've spent my entire life by the sea, but I have never felt I might even have come close to unraveling its paradoxes - nor would I ever wish to.

To make this a proper introduction, welcome! I'm that dark-haired girl who travels incessantly, reads endlessly, and left her heart in Europe. My journal is largely comprised of ramblings on what the world looks like through my magnifying glass.

If you would like to join the tea party, please leave a note introducing yourself (do we have mutual friends/common interests? How did you find me?). Comments are screened. Don't be shy, I like friends!